How It Works

The value of an NFT increases by 30% each time it is taken. Whoever holds the NFT, after a set number of hours between (24hr - 72hr) without any new takers becomes the owner. If someone takes it, the previous "last taker" gets their money back (plus a 6.6% profit). To start taking, connect your HandCash wallet.


An Example

Bob, the artist, lists his NFT on the marketplace for 100 Duros and starts as the "last taker". Mary takes the NFT from Bob and pays 100 Duros. Bob earns 95 Duros as the last taker AND the artist. Mary then becomes the last taker and the new price of the NFT immediately is set to 130 Duros. Jerry takes the NFT from Mary for 130 Duros. Mary earns 106.6 Duros (a profit of 6.6 Duros or 6.6%) and Bob takes a 13 Duros artist royalty. After 72 hours, there have been no more takers and the NFT is sent to Jerry's wallet. With each take, the takers referrer earns 1.5% and the ILP leaderboard gets distributed 1.5%.

Artist Royalty: 10%

Platform fee: 5%

Referrer Reward: 1.5%

ILP Leaderboard: 1.5%